[Currently in Development]


A 3D platformer adventure game developed for MacOS and Windows platforms

Venture as Queen Cocoa Frost through the vibrant sweet kingdoms and explore the different delicacies they offer. This 3D platformer offers a series of unique puzzles, challenges and mini-games throughout the kingdoms.

Queen Cocoa Frost is made of pure chocolate, capable of controlling and teleporting through chocolate fountains to explore different destinations throughout the kingdoms. Chocolate is also a central power source for the kingdom. Each of the other kingdom queens also possess a set of powers, unique to their confectionary element.

For hundreds of years, The six confectionary kingdoms have been separated due to a feud from the past. Queen Cocoa Frost advances a 'piece treaty' that aimed to amend the ties between the kingdoms, but due to a mysterious incident, the event only makes things worse and turns all the other queens against Cocoa.

It is now your duty to make amends with the queens and resolve the mystery of the 'piece treaty' sabotage.


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