Developed for the Steam & iPad App Store

[Released on the 8th August 2023]

Neoclip is a conceptual experience built on revealing a unique DeStijl inspired composition in each stage by using shadows to clip through walls in the art piece. As the player explores, more of the painting is revealed until it eventually frames itself into a complete piece. Unlock new powerups as you progress deeper into the game, whilst the complexity of the levels increase through the introduction of evolving puzzle elements. The game explores different artistic concepts to explain the journey of an artist who continues to discover what makes Neoplasticism so intriguing.

Key Features:

Exploration: Although the stage is (usually) fully visible at the start, how you navigate to find the vacant colours becomes more complex as the paintings develop.

Unique Powerups: All players may excel and struggle with different aspects of the game but each power up serves a unique function to support with only one issue at a time. Use them wisely to beat every challenge.

Hazards: As the game develops, you unlock the ability to toggle hazards. These are optional but they add an extra layer of complexity to all stages and completing stages with them can earn new rewards.

A Unique Storyline: At the end of each stage, a short snippet of text expresses the abstract thoughts and beliefs of a struggling artist as he explores new artistic concepts that eventually led to the creation of the stage you just completed. The deeper you go, the organic transition of his doubts, realizations and beliefs comes more prominent and you can learn much more about what makes art truly worth admiring.

A Touch of Nostalgia: The game is built on a very simple but refined style harping back to the simpler arcade style gameplay elements of the age of flash games but comes packaged with an original musical track that evolves depending on what the hazards in the stage are.

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Quick message from Queen Cocoa Frost:

"I wonder if I can get a De Stijl style painting of myself..."

- Queen Cocoa Frost